Life Members

It is the greatest honour the Gosnells Cricket Club can bestow on any club member.

To become a Life Member of the Gosnells Cricket Club you must first meet a number of stringent criteria.

To be given life membership, a club member must contribute to the club in a number of areas over a number of years.

Gosnells always encourages off field contributions and these are highly favoured by committees when considering new life members.

All of these have been well deserved, and each recipient is a fine example of the qualities that the Gosnells Cricket Club hold dear.

Name Year Name Year
L. Hosken Circa. 1930
Charlie Hook 1936 Tim Passmore 1962
Mick Swingler 1963 Percy Garrett 1965
Jim Bennett 1968 John Marsh 1970
Ivan Bennett 1972 Peter Lennon 1974
Barrie Matison 1978 Danny Fitzpatrick 1981
Colin Biss 1981 Gil McDonald 1992
Ken Leipold 1993 Bryan Lutter 1993
Alan Marsh 1995 John Bennett 1995
Ross Leipold 1996 Alan Arnold 1997
Lee Lennon 1999 David Bishop 2000
Roy Marsh 2003 Gary Reynolds 2004
Martin Sharp 2007 Graemme Weston 2007
Audrey Leipold 2009 Julie Leipold 2009
Kevin Loaring 2013 Russell Ledain 2013
Andrew Panetta 2015 Michael Collett 2016
Marie James-Buckley 2018 Samantha Parkyn 2023
Paul Cullinane 2023