Hawks Honour

If You Truly Believe It, Your Mind Can Achieve It

Off Field

Positive Culture

  • Respect Facilities (keep clubrooms, change rooms, grounds tidy)
  • Don’t leave to select few
  • Share the load - respect roles

Be a Positive Ambassador for the Hawks

  • Individual actions reflect on club - be self aware
  • Earn respect

Follow Through on Commitments - Support the Club

  • Social activities
  • Sponsors
  • Junior

Change Rooms

  • Positive talk
  • Awareness of how your actions affect others
  • Celebrate individual & team successes togther

Be Accountable

On Field

Commit to Positive, Winning Cricket

Respect for Each Other

  • Positive actions - BELIEVE!
  • Positive body language
  • Constructive talk only
  • Punctuality and preparation

Game Awareness

  • Assess teams position - adaptable (what does the team require of me)
  • Communication - know yours & others role
  • Be prepared to make a decision - calculated risks


  • Bat, bowl, field together

Trust & Belief in each other Routines

  • Pre-game
  • Each session - set team targets
  • Play natural game - focus on processes, not results

Patience - Discipline - Ruthlessness - Enjoyment!



  • Let people know if unable to attend

Requirements at Training

  • Constructive environment - seek feedback (act on it)
  • Don’t waste time - initiative
  • Communication
  • Quality v Quantity 100%
  • Respect equipment
  • Complete - warm up/set skill drills

Work Ethic

  • Aim to improve each session (goals)
  • Maintain fitness program throughout season


  • Club apparel only

Our Basic Philosophy


  • Always comes first
  • No idividual will compromise the team or club

Pride in representing “The Hawks”

Honest - To yourself & the team

Strong Work Ethic - On & off the field

Never give up


  • Know your own and team mates game and role
  • Know your opposition


We strive to change the perception of our club

Player Values

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