The following is a list of current records for the Gosnells Cricket Club.

Club Records

Highest Team Total ForWilletton Sutherlands Park1998-998-379
Highest Team Total AgainstScarborough Abbett Park2004-058-441
Lowest Team Total ForFremantle, Sutherland Park1997-9848
Lowest Team Total AgainstMt Lawley Breckler Park1997-9847

Batting Records

Highest Aggregate in careerD.S. (Danny) Neretlis3266
Highest Aggregate in a seasonW.S. (Wayne) Andrews1994-95965
Highest Individual ScoreL.A. (Luke) Pomersbach2007-08 (v Joondalup at Sutherland Park)192*

Partnership Records

1st297C.R. (Colin) Cook (166) & L.A. (Luke) Marshall (128)Mt Lawley, Breckler Park1993-94
2nd216C.R. (Colin) Cook (101) & D.S. (Danny) Neretis (101)South Perth, Sutherland Park1991-92
3rd207C.R. (Colin) Cook (107) & W.S. (Wayne) Andrews (125)Willetton, Burrendah Reserve1994-95
4th197L.A. (Luke) Pomersbach (170) & S.T. (Stephen) Mason (70)Subiaco-Floreat, Sutherlands Park2007-08
5th160*D.J. (Doug) Harris (102*) & G.J. (Greg) Munt (65*)South Perth, Richardson Park1990-91
6th141J.L. (Jared) Davies (97) & S.J. (Steven) Leese (42)Midland-Guildford, Sutherlands Park1997-98
7th162W.S. (Wayne) Andrews (122*) & B.R. (Brendan) Rayner (52)Claremont-Nedlands, Melvista Oval1994-95
8th116D.J. (Duncan) Spencer (109) & G.R. (Guy) Hoskin (34)Scarborough, Sutherlands Park1995-96
9th109G.A. (Gerard) Wyeth (57) & S.T. (Stephen) Mason (54)Willetton, Burrendah1999-00
10th78S.J. (Steven) Leese (66) & R. (Rick) Vredenbregt (21*)Subiaco-Floreat, Sutherlands Park2001-02

Bowling Records

Most wickets in careerG.R. (Guy) Hoskin308
Most wickets in seasonG.B. (Graham) Hewson1988-8938
G.R. (Guy) Hoskin2003-0438
Most wickets in an inningsG.R. (Guy) Hoskin1995-96 (v Bayswater-Morley, Sutherlands Park)8/34

Keeping Records

Most dismissals in careerS.T. (Stephen) Mason153 (142 catches, 11 stumpings)
Most dismissals in a seasonS.T. (Stephen) Mason2002-0336 (30 catches, 6 stumpings)
Most dismissals in an inningsP. (Phil) Petricevich1993-94 (v Subiaco-Floreat, Sutherland Park)6 catches
S.T. (Stephen) Mason2002-03 (v Midland-Guildford, Lilac Hill Park)6 catches

Fielding Records

Most catches in careerR.W. (Ross) Leipold72
Most catches in a seasonB.W. (Brett) French1987-8814
Most catches in an inningsB.W. (Brett) French1987-88 (v Mt Lawley, Sutherlands Park)5

Playing Records

Most AppearancesG.R. (Guy) Hoskin136